Spinning Together; A Volunteer Story

Spinning Together; A Volunteer Story

Last Thursday, I took her to the Twist of Wool Spinning Guild for the last time. Then this week I informed them that she was at the Respite House, every person was surprised and said how well she seemed at Guild. Not one person realized how sick she was.

That is so like "B". She forged ahead, didn't spend time complaining about how she felt, and did the things she loved that she could. And then when she had no more "push" in her, she let go.

I will really miss our Tuesday visits. We would set up our spinning wheels in her living room and spin for a solid hour. "B" would suck down those Diet Cokes and we would talk and laugh. (Okay, I admit, I had one or two DC's in my year there and I enjoyed them)!

Every first Thursday of the month, we would load the spinning wheels and her O2 tanks, sometimes a wheel chair, into the car and drive to Middlebury for Twist of Wool Guild meetings. We were quite a sight coming through the door!

She loved going to Guild, and she was, I think, very pleased with herself that it was she who got me re-involved with them. You see, I was a member of the Guild when my husband was alive in the early 2000's. But after he died, in 2006, I stopped spinning and knitting altogether. It just made me too sad.
So when I met "B", and she told me that she loved to spin and go to Guild, I knew that I had to make that step and reconnect.

It seems perfect that it was my hospice patient who brought me back into that world. I will probably set aside time every Tuesday now to spin, and I am definitely re-joining the Guild.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my little story.