We believe that every person should be able to
die in comfort and with dignity. 

End of Life Services offers the following at no cost:

  • Provides volunteers to support the dying and their loved ones

  • Gives bereavement support to those in need

  • Creates spaces where the dying and their family can be together when home is not an option

  • Offers community education that recognizes death and dying as a part of life.

In partnership with the community, End of Life Services supports patients, families, friends, and caregivers before, during and after the dying process.  End of Life Services advocates for compassionate end of life care by providing volunteers, bereavement support, music and other therapeutic practices, education for the community, training for the providers, and options for those who are unable to complete their lives in their own home.

Addison Respite Care Home & Hospice Volunteer Services merged to become End of Life Services, Inc. in early 2019.